Importance of the Project

In the video below, several project Steering Committee members explain (1) why the Matanzas Basin is special and (2) the importance of planning for sea level rise in the area.

Members appreciate the Matanzas Basin’s intact ecology and ecosystem services. Ed Montgomery, Director of Rural Properties at Rayonier timber company, sees the area’s value holistically, believing that “the Matanzas estuary creates harmony with the whole natural system we live in. It’s a living system that people understand”. The people and built environment are also valued assets to the community. The wealth of culture is worth preserving according to Jackie Kramer, with Friends of the GTM Reserve.

Steering Committee members state that the project is important because it considers the impacts of sea level rise not only on the natural environment, but also the built environment. Doug Davis from Fletcher Management Company notes the project is important because it tries to answer the question: “How can we adequately prepare [for sea level rise] so businesses and residents can continue to enjoying the special resources?”

Click on the video below to watch the entire Steering Committee interview.

We also want to recognize
Videographer: David C Montgomery,
Music: Tina E Andrus, Country Morning Espania,

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