Planning Products Coming Soon

The Planning Matanzas project is finalizing three deliverables which will be available this spring:

  1. Synthesis report of findings for the Matanzas Basin and detailed appendices of analyses and strategies.
  2. Matanzas Basin study area geographic information systems (GIS) data gathered and generated, including metadata.
  3. A “guidebook” describing the planning approaches and tools used by the Planning Matanzas project. The approaches and tools have universal elements, have been tested, and are potentially useable by other coastal communities and regions in the United States.

The synthesis report’s intended audience is the GTM Research Reserve and other leaders, stakeholders, and citizens in the region. The synthesis report will include sections on the Matanzas Basin’s vulnerability, adaptive capacity, and potential adaptation strategies.

The guidebook’s intended audience is sites within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and it may be useful more broadly. The guidebook will provide a background on sea level rise adaptation planning, describe adaptation planning principles and key project phases, and detail a wide variety of technical, design, and engagement tools.

The synthesis report and guidebook will be posted on the website. The GIS data will be available by request due to its large file size.