Final Project Report

Planning for Sea Level Rise in the Matanzas Basin: Opportunities for Adaptation

Planning_For_Sea_Level_Rise_In_The_Matanzas_Basin cover

Report Appendices

Project in the News

Final Public Workshop: September 8, 2014, Whitney Lab, Marineland


Presentation to Senator Whitehouse, Rhode Island: April 24, 2014, GTM Research Reserve Education Center

Large Public Workshop: February 24, 2014 at the Whitney Lab, Marineland

Stakeholder Workshop Materials: December 2012 and May-June 2013

Master’s Theses

Participatory Public Outreach and Input Games

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Role Play Game

  1. SLR Adaptation Role Play Game Instructions
  2. SLR Adaptation Role Play Game Cards
  3. Vulnerable areas map
  4. Map explaining strategies
  5. Individual and group post evaluations (see Ozor thesis above)
  6. Also: Youth Version of SLR Adaptation Role Play Game

Planning for Growth Game

  1. Planning for Growth Game Facilitator Instructions
  2. Planning for Growth Game Player Instructions
  3. Board pieces: page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4
  4. Game board map
  5. Reference Card
  6. Unit Record Sheet
  7. Team Response Sheet
  8. Density examples

Project Documents

   Planning for Sea Level Rise Project Brief


Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy Role-Play Game

Project Progress Reports

Other Resources and Tools

General Sea Level Rise

Estuary and Coastal Ecosystems Adaptation

Built Environment Adaptation

Water Supply Climate Adaptation

Insurance and Economic Aspects

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