Sea Level Rise Simulation Videos

Planning for sea level rise involves communicating possible future changes in an understandable way. One of the most compelling techniques is video simulation. For this project, and as part of a master’s degree final project, UF landscape architecture student Brad Weitekamp created sea level rise simulation videos for the Matanzas Basin using bird’s eye aerial photographs, geographic results of “open water” habitat from the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM), image editing software, and time-lapse movie making software. The resulting simulation of incremental zero- to three-feet rise in sea level at Marineland and Pellicer Creek are shown below. The sea level rise simulations are a simplification for visualization and communication purposes, and they do not reflect other changes that may occur such as habitat responses, coastal dynamics from storms, or structural protection measures. The simulation videos were presented at the project’s community workshops held in early December.

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