State of the Reserve 2014

February 7th marked the fourth annual State of the Reserve held by the GTM NERR in St. Augustine, Florida.  Titled 2014: Changing Tides, the event was hosted at the GTM Research Reserve Environmental Education Center and featured multiple presentations as well as poster displays of current professional and student research within the reserve.  Opening remarks and introductions were made by program facilitator Tina Gordon and environmental administrator Mike Shirley.  The focus of this year’s meeting centered around rising sea level due to climate change, changes in water quality, and shifts in habitat and species’ health.  Presentations included subjects such as current surveys of Carolina diamondback terrapins in the NERR, mangrove expansion into salt marsh habitats, and the efficacy of coastal restoration projects in science and education.  The research center also presented updates on the current state of its programs and facilities as well as future outreach and education goals within the community.  More information about the reserve can be found on their website.

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